Yonet School ERP

The best school management ERP software in the Ethiopian market. Look at our demo and judge for your self.


Features of of our School ERP

Our system offers variety of services that are essential for running a school system

Academics Management

Manage students, teachers, subjects, schedules, class rooms and more

Inventory Management

Manage School inventory, buy items, sell items and stock

Finance Management

Manage fees, invoices, expenses, profit, and accounts. management

HRM Management

Manage Attendance, Staff Files, Payroll, Leave and More

Transportation Management

Manage school vehicles, student routes, vehicle tracking and more.

Communications Management

Manage communication routes, notices and other communication mediums

Check our demo video

Our video demo will explain the basics of the system and goes through all of the modules within the system.

Experience the system for your selves

You can launch the Yonet Systems ERP Demo from our own hosted server and experience the system first hand.

Demo Credentials:

Username: [email protected]

Password: 123456

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